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"Polyester" laminated "Neoprene Sponge" to become "Polyester Neoprene Fabric", which has excellent setting properties and color fastness to sunlight, is not easy to fade, and is cheap, but hand feeling and hygroscopicity are inferior to "Nylon Neoprene Fabric". Support sublimation transfer technology.

We are a professional neoprene factory, using different kinds of neoprene sponges and fabrics from different countries or regions, according to the needs of customers, we can combine them into different grades and types of "Neoprene Fabric". It is supplied to its own finished product department and widely sold to manufacturing companies around the world.

  • Standard Polyester Neoprene Fabric

Standard Polyester Neoprene Fabric (T)

Explain: "Standard Polyester Fabric" has excellent color fastness to sunlight and is not easily faded. This type of fabric is recommended for bright and fluorescent colors. "Standard Polyester Fabric" laminated "SBR Sponge" is the lowest price "Neoprene Fabric".

Applications: Low grade wetsuit, surf suit, swimsuit, buoyancy aids, waders, shoes, bag and mouse pad etc.

  • Double Polyester Neoprene Fabric

Double Polyester Neoprene Fabric (DT)

Explain: "Double Polyester Fabric" is thicker than "Standard Polyester Fabric" and also has excellent color fastness to sunlight, and its abrasion resistance is better than "standard polyester fabric".

Applications: Sports protective gear, shoes and bag etc.

  • Imitation Nylon Neoprene Fabric

Imitation Nylon Neoprene Fabric (NT)

Explain: "Imitation Nylon Fabric" is made of polyester yarn, use special weaving method, has the Nylon-like texture. It has better elasticity than "Standard Polyester Fabric" and has better color fastness to sunlight than "Standard Nylon Fabric".

Applications: Wetsuit, surf suit, dress, swimsuit, waders, shoes and bag etc.

Neoprene Sponge Color:

Neoprene Type CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, Aqua, White

Neoprene Fabric Size & Thickness:

Size (inch) 51″x83″ 56″x83″ 60″x83″
51″x130″ 56″x130″ 60″x130″
51″x170″ 56″x170″ 60″x170″
51″x260″ 56″x260″ 60″x260″
Thickness 1mm - 10mm

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing:

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing