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Nylon Neoprene Fabric (SBR, SCR, CR) - Manufacturers and Suppliers

"Nylon" laminated "Neoprene Sponge" to become "Nylon Neoprene Fabric", which has excellent hand feeling, elasticity, wear resistance and hygroscopicity, but heat resistance and color fastness to sunlight are inferior to "Polyester Neoprene Fabric". Does not support sublimation transfer technology.

We are a professional neoprene factory, using different kinds of neoprene sponges and fabrics from different countries or regions, according to the needs of customers, we can combine them into different grades and types of "Neoprene Fabric". It is supplied to its own finished product department and widely sold to manufacturing companies around the world.

  • Standard Nylon Neoprene Fabric

Standard Nylon Neoprene Fabric (N)

Explain: "Standard Nylon Fabric" is soft and smooth, has good elasticity and high abrasion resistance. It is the most commonly used laminated fabric, and it is matched with various types of neoprene sponges.

Applications: Wetsuit, surf suit, spearfishing wetsuit, dress, waders, sports protective gear, gloves and shoes etc.

  • 2-Way Nylon Neoprene Fabric

2-Way Nylon Neoprene Fabric (2N)

Explain: "2-Way Nylon Fabric" has better elasticity than "Standard Nylon Fabric", low modulus, and is usually matched with a CR sponge.

Applications: Wetsuit, surf suit and spearfishing wetsuit etc.

Neoprene Sponge Color:

Neoprene Type CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, Aqua, White

Neoprene Fabric Size & Thickness:

Size (inch) 51″x83″ 56″x83″ 60″x83″
51″x130″ 56″x130″ 60″x130″
51″x170″ 56″x170″ 60″x170″
51″x260″ 56″x260″ 60″x260″
Thickness 1mm - 10mm

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing:

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing