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"Coating" refers to the use of polyurethane polymer materials to coat he surface of "Neoprene Sponge" to increase the surface strength and smoothness of the neoprene sponge, to prevent moisture accumulation and reduce frictional resistance in water, and to impart neoprene sponges are more colors. You can choose to add extra titanium to the "Coating" to improve warmth performance.

"Coating" is expensive and we only use high grade CR sponges for processing. "Coated Skin" is used for the outside of all kinds of wetsuits and shorts. "Coated Cell" is used the lining of all kinds of wetsuits, and the other side is usually laminated with fabric. In addition to our own composite coated, we also offer Japan-YAMAMOTO super composite coated and Taiwan-Nam Liong composite coated.

  • Coated Neoprene Skin

Coated Neoprene Skin

Explain: "Coated Skin" is a product specially processed on the skin of CR sponge. It has excellent surface strength and smoothness, prevents moisture accumulation and reduces frictional resistance in water.

Applications: Wetsuit, surf suit, triathlon wetsuit, spearfishing wetsuit, swimsuit, swim trunks and swim cap etc.

  • Coated Neoprene Cell

Coated Neoprene Cell

Explain: "Coated Cell" is a product specially processed on the cell of CR sponge. It has a smooth powder feel when dry, making the wetsuit easy to wear, hydrophilic when wet (sticking to a wet surface), reducing the ability of water to flow between the wetsuit and the body, helping to maintain body temperature.

Applications: Lining of wetsuit, surf suit, triathlon wetsuit and spearfishing wetsuit etc.

Neoprene Sponge Color:

Neoprene Type CR SCR SBR
Sponge Color Black, Cream Black, Cream Black, Cream, Aqua, White

Neoprene Sheet Size & Thickness:

Size (inch) 51″x83″ 56″x83″ 60″x83″
51″x130″ 56″x130″ 60″x130″
51″x170″ 56″x170″ 60″x170″
51″x260″ 56″x260″ 60″x260″
Thickness 0.5mm - 10mm

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing:

Neoprene Fabric Production Processing