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Neoprene Fabric Packaging Method & Packaging List - Manufacturers and Suppliers

"Neoprene Fabric" common packaging methods are "Roll", "Carton" and "Crate". According to the size and thickness of the neoprene fabric, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and there are also differences in cost. We will adopt the appropriate packaging method according to the actual situation and customer needs.

Continuous Splicing Product Explain: We use glue to connect the neoprene sponges and then laminate the fabric so that the neoprene fabric looks continuous. But because the neoprene sponge in the middle layer has a connected by glue, can not use continuously, can only use sheet-by-sheet.

  • Neoprene Fabric / Sheet-Roll Package

Neoprene Fabric / Sheet - Roll Package

Explain: Wrap the continuously spliced "Neoprene Fabric" is wrapped on the paper core. The number of spliced pieces depends on the thickness of the neoprene fabric, usually between 2 - 20 sheets. Finally, use polypropylene woven fabric or polyethylene polyethylene film to wrap.

Advantages & Disadvantages: The cost of this type of packaging is low, but neoprene fabric is susceptible to uneven extrusion and is not suitable for customers with high requirements.

  • Neoprene Fabric / Sheet-Carton Package

Neoprene Fabric / Sheet - Carton Package

Explain: Similar to the roll package, the continuously spliced "Neoprene Fabric" is wrapped on the paper core and finally placed in the carton.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Relative protection is better than roll package, and the corresponding packaging cost is higher than roll package.

  • Neoprene Fabric / Sheet-Crate Package

Neoprene Fabric / Sheet - Crate Package

Explain: There are 2 forms, crate or tray + large overall carton. The "Neoprene Fabric" is stacked in a crate or a large carton.

Advantages & Disadvantages: Usually only used for 51" x 83" specific size neoprene fabric, other sizes will be a waste of container space, the neoprene fabric is squeezed evenly and has good protection.

Neoprene Fabric / Sheet Size & Thickness:

Size (inch) 51″x83″ 56″x83″ 60″x83″
51″x130″ 56″x130″ 60″x130″
51″x170″ 56″x170″ 60″x170″
51″x260″ 56″x260″ 60″x260″
Thickness 0.5mm - 10mm

Neoprene Fabric / Sheet Packaging List:

Packing Method Crate Carton Roll
Thickness / Size 51″x83″ 51″x130″ 51″x130″
1.0mm 800 30 20
1.5mm 530 20 13
2.0mm 400 15 10
2.5mm 320 12 8
3.0mm 270 10 6
3.5mm 230 8 5
4.0mm 200 7 5
4.5mm 180 6 4
5.0mm 160 6 4
5.5mm 145 5 3
6.0mm 130 5 3
6.5mm 120 4 3
7.0mm 115 4 2
7.5mm 105 4 2
8.0mm 100 3 2
8.5mm 95 3 2
9.0mm 90 3 2
9.5mm 85 3 2
10.0mm 80 3 2
Volume of 20 'Container 8 Crates 144 Cartons 240 Rolls